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PROmade Mixed Tray (120)

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Our PROmade fan collection showcases premium 0.03 lashes crafted from high-quality PBT material, available in 12D mixed options. Each fan features a middle stem and a precisely designed base. They come packaged in eco-friendly, recycled cardboard boxes with luxurious pull-out trays and a ribbon. You can choose from mixed trays or single length options, with 12 lines on foil-backed paper, totaling 120 fans. Our lash lengths range from 7 to 14 mm. They are simply GORGEOUS!

Introducing our Elusive Lash Line, crafted to meet the diverse needs of professional lash artists. Our collection includes individual lashes, easy fan, and PROmademade options, all meticulously crafted with premium PBT material. 

This ensures a deep, rich hue, steadfast curl, remarkable flexibility, and an irresistibly natural feel. Formulated with stabilizers, our lashes are fortified against degradation, guaranteeing longevity. Thanks to their unique and superior formulation, they boast enhanced porosity, resulting in superior retention. Experience the allure of our lashes, which seem to effortlessly draw themselves onto the lash line, like a magnetic pull.

The Lash Material 

  • Raw Material Quality: We use premium PBT material infused with color pigments for a darker appearance.

  • Curl Retention: Incorporating curl retention agents ensures that our lashes maintain their curl over time.

  • Natural Feel and Flexibility: Softening agents are added to mimic a more natural feel and enhance flexibility.

  • Anti-static Properties: Our lashes include anti-static agents to prevent clumping and promote a smooth application.

  • UV Protection: UV stabilizers are integrated to safeguard against degradation caused by sunlight exposure

  • Our lash extensions feature a unique formulation resulting in a slightly higher porosity than typical PBT material, enhancing retention.


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