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Elusive Beauty Academy

Brow Lamination Course

Brow Lamination Course

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Start your journey in brow lamination with our comprehensive course. Our expert-level guidance will show you the ropes of this burgeoning technique - from performing to perfecting the look - so you can become the go-to artist in your area. With lamination lasting up to 8 weeks, you can offer the service for $50-$100 per session and take only 45 minutes. Become the leader in brow lamination and take your career to the next level!





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EBA theory is researched and developed by cosmetic scientist, Dianna Dwyer (Founder and CEO of Elusive Beauty). Theory is updated regularly to ensure EB students are the first to get new information. 

Helpful pictures, videos and graphics available online. 

Throughout online learning students must complete various activities and worksheets which must be submitted and evaluated 1 week (7 days) before attending training day. 

EBA workbook comes with a kit. This should be used as a guide for studying, taking notes, and writing down questions. Be sure to have it for training day. 

PDF forms and online forms for client intake, spray tan assessment and liability waivers are available. 

Trainer demonstrates activities, theoretical concepts and multiple techniques. 

Students are expected to ask questions throughout training day. Group discussions are also encouraged. We learn together and the best way to learn is to ask as many questions as you can.

Students begin the application process, starting with application. Students are expected to have products and equipment set up ahead of time with no distractions. 

There is an online exam that covers online theory and must be completed before training day. Students are expected to achieve a minimum of 80% to pass. Theoretical exam can be repeated if the student does not meet the criteria. Hands-on evaluation is a training day model application. Trainer will evaluate each student on an individual basis from beginning to end. Evaluation criteria is included in theory. If a student does not meet criteria (fails) they can attend a second training day at no extra cost. We have high standards for our students and meeting the criteria will benefit you and help ensure your future success. We want you to thrive and will do everything we can to help! 

Upon successful completion (80%) students will receive a highly reputable certificate in Fundamentals of Brow Lamination. The certificate comes in 2 forms: email and hardcopy. Hard copy will be given out in class or mailed to online students. 

Throughout your lash career we are here for you. Whether you stop by our academy, email, text or call, we will answer your questions and help in any way we can. 

We give our students 20% off products (some exclusions apply) for life. Top quality products at a reasonable price. 

We have a student referral program. Certified students who send new students our way will be rewarded. 

If interested, subscribe to our email list to find out about industry trends, community events, sales and more.


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