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Lash Lift Glue - Balm

Lash Lift Glue - Balm

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Introducing Lash Lift Glue Balm - the answer to all your lash lift glue dilemmas!

We know the struggle of finding a glue that will keep your lashes in place, but won't weigh them down and prevent the solution from doing its job. That's why we've created this light, fruity smelling balm that requires only a small amount to do the job right.

Say goodbye to stringy and frustrating lash lifts, and say hello to an easy to work with glue that we absolutely love.

Try it out for yourself and see the difference Lash Lift Glue Balm can make for your lash lift routine!


"We've gone through many different lash lift glue products, and nothing has been perfect. It can be difficult to find the perfect product - it can be too strong, too weak, too thick, too thin, or it can take too long or too short to dry. But we have found one that works - this product allows us to place the natural lashes for the perming solution, and to replace lashes for setting without hindering the lash solution's penetration. We're excited to announce that this perfect product is now available to you."




20 g Jar


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