About us

At Elusive Beauty, our philosophy centers around a comprehensive approach to contemporary beauty practices. Our organization comprises three distinct divisions: the Elusive Beauty Studio, Elusive Beauty Academy, and our professional product line under the Elusive Beauty Brand.

Established by Dianna Dwyer, Elusive Beauty operates from its studio in St. John's, Newfoundland, offering services while also providing comprehensive online and in-person cosmetic science training across North America. Our commitment extends to crafting a sustainable, efficient product range sourced from Canada and the local region.

The Elusive Beauty Studio isn't just about beauty services; it's an immersive encounter. Our CEO, Dianna Dwyer, is devoted to curating opulent services that embrace a holistic perspective, respecting your time and preferences. We prioritize advancing beauty education accessibility for professionals while promoting sustainable, effective product usage. Join our community, valuing independence and meaningful beauty experiences.

We provide:
🌿 Sustainable and efficacious product formulations
🎓 Accessibility to advanced education for beauty professionals
💆 Lavish services embodying a holistic ethos

Our objective is to offer science-backed training and secure, efficient products for beauty professionals, emphasizing services not commonly found in conventional aesthetic programs. Recognizing the swift evolution of the beauty industry, Elusive Beauty remains dedicated to pioneering programs and pioneering techniques!