About us


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At our company, we value individual autonomy and the power of community. We believe that beauty professionals should have access to higher education and are dedicated to creating unique products that are both effective and sustainable. We strive to provide luxurious services that have a holistic approach and value your time. Our goal is to give you more than just a service - we want you to have a meaningful experience.

EBA Mission Statement 

Bridging the gap between science-backed research, adequate course development, proper training and standardized certification in newly explored areas of cosmetics.

Core values

  • Individual autonomy
  • Community
  • Wellness
  • Higher education
  • Quality products

Founder and CEO

Dianna Dwyer is the founder and CEO of Elusive Beauty Studio. With almost a decade of experience in the cosmetics industry, Dianna has become an expert in offering luxurious beauty services and has previously owned and operated two e-commerce websites and service studios. Passionate about helping others, Dianna focuses on program development and creating higher industry standards for artists and educators. Dianna is currently completing her Masters in Cosmetic Science which will allow her to incorporate raw ingredients from Newfoundland and Labrador into Elusive’s product formulations and further strengthen the beauty industry. 

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We have limited availability for this 5 day program so don't wait around. If you're currently taking a course with us and want to attend, reserve your spot. If you are interested in taking a course with us head on over to courses to review information and feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help! :)

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