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Elusive Beauty

Training Upgrade (C+V)

Training Upgrade (C+V)

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Take the next step in your training with Elusive Beauty's upgrade!

The $260 fee comes with a kit containing two ergonomic tweezers with sandpaper grip, adhesives, tools, lash extensions, mister, a workbook, and the most recent theory.

Plus, you get a $100 handmade volume fan set (normally $180), which can last 4-6 weeks before needing a fill.

The upgrade grants lifetime 15% off on products, training, & services, online & in-person training with the only cost being the $100 model fee for group classes in the first three months of receiving your certificate.

Upgrade includes: access to EBA online learning platform with more info & activities, EBA workbook, extra kit with extra products/materials, & revolutionized hands-on training.


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