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House of Glam Incorporated

The Liquid Ring

The Liquid Ring

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The LIQUID RING is our newest product that aligns with one of our main values - sustainability and low waste. It is made from Grade A stainless steel, known for its high strength, durability and strong corrosion-resistance.

Purchase one of these instead of constantly having to repurchase and throw out your plastic glue/solution rings.

Save money AND reduce your waste!



  1. Ensure The Liquid Ring is properly disinfected, rinsed and dried off before use.
  2. Place desired amount of solution in ring (always be sure to put the cap back on tightly)
  3. Use The Applicator Stick to apply solution where needed
  4. Be sure to clean the ring before using a new solution that may be incompatible with the first. 


+ Sustainable Tool 

+ Custom Fit (with rubber band ring)

+ Corrosion Resistant

+ Black 

+ Sleek

+ Durable

+ Easy to Clean 

+ Easy to Use

+ Reusable

+ Cost Effective 

+ Convenient 

+ Good for Beginners and Experts 



  • Place in Disinfectant (read the label of the disinfectant and follow instructions accordingly) then rinse with soap and water  



+ Brow Perming and Setting Solutions 

+ Lash Perming and Setting Solutions

+ Applicator Stick 

+ Brow Tweezers 

+ Brow Trimming Scissors 

+ Y Comb 

+ Lift Bands 



  • None
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