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House of Glam Incorporated

Moon Light 360

Moon Light 360

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Our half moon shaped light is innovative and perfect for being able to clearly see even the smallest details. With high quality LED lights that are adjustable in warm to bright tones as well as adjustable height, This LASH LIGHT is perfect for multiple tedious beauty services. This light is a MUST have!


  • Follow directions inside of the box to correctly assemble light, then adjust to preferred height and shade



+ Innovative

+ Portable

+ LED bulbs

Aluminum Alloy

+ 360 degree lighting

+ Dimming setting

+ Adjustable colour temperature

+ Minimum height 93cm 

+ Maximum height 173cm 

+ High quality

+ Comes with phone clamp that attaches to light for handless pictures and videos 

+ Sleek 

+ Black

+ Shipping 6-14 business days



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