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Lift Kit (lashes/brows)

Lift Kit (lashes/brows)

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Elevate your beauty game with our Sodium bromate free lifting solution for lash lifts and tints and brow lamination!
Achieve beautiful lashes and brows within just 5-8 minutes of processing time.

Lifting Lotion (3 ml) 
Fixing Lotion (3 ml) 
Nourishing Oil (3 ml) 
Lash Lift bands (s,m,l)
Brow Brush 

This solution breaks down disulphide bonds in fibers, allowing you to easily manipulate and change the shape as desired.

🌟 Convenient 1.5 ml satchettes allow up to 3 applications
👁 Fast 5-8 minute processing time
🌟 Gentle formula safe for sensitive skin
👁 Easily manipulate and change lash/brow shape

We recommend using ~0.5 ml per client. Less is more ;) 


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