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House of Glam Incorporated

Strip Lash Applicator

Strip Lash Applicator

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The handcrafted DIY Lash Applicator is designed by professional lash artists for beauty gurus like yourself.  Whether you're applying a lash strip for a fun night out or using luxury lashes to enhance your already beautiful eyes - this is a must.



  1. Place strip lash at the silver opening at the end of the applicator
  2. Squeeze handle to close the clamp 
  3. Apply lashes to lash line
  4. Squeeze lashes to the strip lash to secure 



+ Sustainable tool 

+ Durable

+ Easy to Clean 

+ Reusable

+ Cost-Effective 

+ Convenient 

+ Fits to Eye Perfectly 

+ Good for Beginners and Experts 

+ Quick  



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