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Disposable Eyelash Applicator Variety Pack - Samples

Disposable Eyelash Applicator Variety Pack - Samples

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New too lashing? Or are you just wanting to test various disposable under-eye pads and glue rings to figure out what works best for you?

There's so many different options out there and what one lash artist prefers, might not be what works for someone else. That's why we put together a sample pack with all the different options Elusive Beauty has available, Test them all out before you choose which one you is best for you and your clients! 

This Includes:

(2) Pairs - Teflon Under Eye Pad

(1) Pair - Pink Nano Hydrogel Under Eye Pad 

(1) Pair - Satin Under Eye Pad 

(1) Pair - Black Under Eye Pad (good for light/blonde lashes) 

(1) Pair - Mapping Sticker 

(2) Pair - Micro Lash Lifter

(1) - Glue Holder (26 Groove)

(2) -  Glue Crowns 

(2) - Double Sided Glue Ring

(2) Adhesive Nozzle Wipes 



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