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Disposable Adhesive Rings (Solution Rings)

Disposable Adhesive Rings (Solution Rings)

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Our adhesive and solution rings are an ideal choice for an array of tasks, from lash glue to primer and sealant to remover - and beyond. These versatile rings bring convenience and ease to your application process, ensuring swiftness and convenient access to your products.


  • Apply a small amount into the ring and use as needed, replace adhesive every 20 minutes. Also make sure to never use each ring for more then one solution at a time, always dispose of your ring after you use it!


+ Easy to Use

+ Convenient

+ Time Saver 

+ Disposable

+ Two designs to choose from

+ 20pck

+ Multipurpose 

+ Comes in two options 

+ Double sided ring holds adhesive conveniently 

+ Single solution ring is great for liquids, solutions and tint 



+ Brow perming and Setting solutions

+ Lash Perming and Setting Solutions

+ Prep Glue

+ HydroPrime

+ Rock Adhesive 

+ Diamond Adhesive

+ Diamond Sealant 


  • None
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