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House of Glam Incorporated

Brow Lamination Kit

Brow Lamination Kit

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Brow Lamination Kit can make lashes appear longer, lifted, and curled. Our Brow Lift  system is free of sodium bromate, which is prohibited in Canada and certain EU nations.
+ Sodium Bromate free
Retains effects for an entire brow growth cycle (6-8 weeks) 
+ Available in airless pump bottles to help from oxidization
+ 5ml -  Up to 20+ clients 
+ 10ml -  Up to 40+ clients 

What's included?

- Protein Remover (5ml/10ml)

- Brow Perming Solution (5ml/10ml)

- Brow Setting Solution (5ml/10ml)

- Nourishing Solution (5ml/10ml)

- Y Combs

- Brow Mapping Tool 

- Tweezers 

- The Applicator Stick 

- Trimming Scissors 

- The Liquid Ring 

- Ilash Rehab 

- Makeup Remover Pads 

- Brow Brush

- 30 piece mixed pack of Micro Swabs, Lash brushes and Flocked applicators

- Training Tripod 



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