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Non woven eyelash tape

Non woven eyelash tape

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Our amazing breathable, latex free, non-irritating, hypoallergenic PINK under eye lash tape! Keeps those stubborn bottom lashes from coming up during application, use this alone or with our under eye treatment pads for extra bottom lash security!  


1. Get your client to look up

2. Cut, use take dispenser or rip off two pieces of tape for each eye (more if needed) 

3. Tape in a on an angle, starting on the outer corner of your eye getting all the small lower lashes under the tape, then repeat in inner corner  


+ Easy to Use 

+ Convenient   

+ For Sensitive Eyes   

+ Good for Beginners and Experts  

+ Suitable for all Skin Types 

+ Breathable 

+ Latex-Free 

+ Non-Irritating 

+ Hypoallergenic 

+ Pink 

+ Extremely Sticky 


+ Flocked Applicators 

+ Under Eye Pads 

+ Lift tape


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