Trends in lashes, brows and spray tans

Trends in lashes, brows and spray tans

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The post Covid skinimalism trend has clients looking for beauty services that enhance their natural beauty but offer that #nomakeupmakeup vibe. 👌🏻👌🏻

What does this mean for artists working in lashes, brows and spray tans❓

You may have step out of your comfort zone to explore very small diameters to create a classic set. Angel lashes use 0.03 mm (5-10 individual lashes) applied to 1 NL using wispy mapping. 👀👀

If you haven’t played around the “wet set” you’ll need to jump on the bandwagon - like yesterday. These sets have been incredibly popular and will continue to gain popularity 💦💦

Different options for lash lift and tent, band, size are BIG right now as clients are looking for that L curl. Pick up some L band lashes - game changer. ⚡️⚡️

If you’re thinking about investing in a new course, lash lift and tint services have increased in the last year due to easy maintenance and short service time. 🏆🏆

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Combo services are taking off. It’s so awesome when you can offer clients two or more services simultaneously. Adding a brow lammy to a lash lift or lash extensions is a WIN WIN. Your client saves time and your profit margins increase.👯‍♂️

Serums! Serums! Serums! Stock up on lash and brow serums for retailing. May as well pick up some lip stain because clients are going to wanna have pretty lips in that after picture. Again, another WIN WIN! 🌊💄🫦

Customized tans using rich, clean ingredients, that brightens and hydrates the skin. Look into adding contouring as an option and highlighter around collarbones. 👙🌟

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