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Have you ever wanted to work in the beauty industry but not necessarily commit to a full aesthetics program? Aesthetics programs are designed to teach you a wide range of services from facials, massage, nails, hair removal and much more. If you're not interested in providing all of those services, why should you have to spend your time and money on them? 

Well, most of these programs require students to learn the very basic concepts of personal care in areas of chemistry, biology, anatomy, OHS, public health and more.

These areas are the founding principles of providing safe and effective services so it makes sense you must meet this curriculum to obtain certification. However, not everyone wants to spend time learning how to offer pedicures or makeup; some people know exactly what area they want to specialize in, so why not get right to it?

Due to the lack of regulation, these areas of cosmetic science are neglected in such a way that allow aspiring artists to enrol in, and complete poor quality courses, leaving them bound for failure.

That really f**king sucks! 

My goal is to narrow these aesthetic programs into courses for you, the student, to become successful specializing in what it is you’re interested in. At the same time, I want to cover those safety areas, even though the scope of the course is much shorter and more efficient, I want to provide you the knowledge, and background that is necessary for you to operate your particular service safely, efficiently and most importantly profitably, but without wasting weeks, month or years in a program that is neither, practical, efficient, or specifically, PRACTICABLE.

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